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Brazilian Knots USA

Brazilian KnotsWhat are Brazilian Knots?


Brazilian Knots are strand-by-strand hair extension that adds length and volume by attaching at the root with a special thread. Brazilian Knots promotes growth without causing damage to natural hair.


Are Brazilian Knots healthy for my natural hair?


Brazilian Knots offer healthier options when it comes to strand-by-strand hair extensions; there is no glue, no braids and no beads this allows for easier upkeep and more natural hair styling. 

How long does this service take?

It depends on the density of your natural hair and the look we are trying to achieve. Our quality knotting method takes time and can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours and can be split up into two days if necessary. We suggest scheduling a free consultation via video chat or in person. 

How are the Brazilian Knots removed and can I remove them myself?

Brazilian Knots are strategically removed by popping the special thread, it is not recommend removing them yourself as you might risk cutting your natural hair.

How much does Brazilian Knots cost?

Our Brazilian Knot technique is like no other, we offer two different types of Brazilian Knots and charge by the look we are achieving weather its length, fill in, or a full head texture change our pricing is custom to your service. Hair is not included and its suggested to order thru our website, HairAm virgin hair.