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Hairam 100% Virgin Hair

HairAm Virgin Human Hair


When it comes to choosing human there is so much on the market it can be overwhelming deciding. We at A Princess Palace want to help you experience the best human hair on the market without the hassle of not knowing what you will receive. All of our virgin hair is hand selected and of the highest grades. Each textured offered is custom to your request we have even included pictures of each texture to give you an idea of what you will receive. Our Hairam virgin hair will come in its natural state & natural color you will be able color, bleach and style your hairam hair. 
Don’t be alarm when you receive your hair in simple pacakaging, we at A Princess Palace don’t want you paying for exotic packaging rather than good quality virgin hair that you can reuse.
We do offer a few different classes of hair:
Hairam Premium Indonesian = Not Virgin Reusable 1-2 YEARS
Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian   Class A = softest highest grade virgin hair reusable 3-5 Installs
Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian  Class B= Soft medium grade virgin hair reusable 2-3 Installs
We also offer Bluk Virgin Hair for all of your strand by strand Brazilian Knot hair extension services.

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Lace Frontal Ear to Ear Ultimate*
Price: $165.00
Lace Frontal Ear to Ear     Ultimate*
Lace frontal
Small Lace Closures Ultimate*
Price: $90.00
Small Lace Closures Ultimate*
4x4 lace closure comes in all textures in natural hair color it is virgin Hairam hair. helps to recreate a partial hairline.
Virgin Brazilian Weft Class B
Price: $80.00
Virgin Brazilian Weft Class B
Class B is a lower grade of hair. It will come virgin in its natural color and have a tapered layer effect.
Virgin Brazilian Weft Ultimate*
Price: $120.00
Virgin Brazilian Weft Ultimate*
Natural color and texture this hair is 100% virgin. It's ready to be colored permed or relaxed!